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  • Tanya Hastings

Before and after surgery healing, see what energy medicine can do for you!

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Are you anxious about going into your surgery?

When life throws you a curve ball I'm here to help you with that.

I am an alternative healer, a healing wellness practitioner practicing alternative medicine, which means I use powerful reiki good energy to tell your cells to heal real fast.

What I do is to talk with you and in doing that I clean out all of your negative vibes before and after your scary surgery.

By the way, this is all remote in the comfort of your own home.

These negative vibes block your body from much needed healing, and what I do is remove them energy wise.

These negative bad vibes also are responsible for your fear and anxiety. By removing these you will be much more relaxed and more at peace before you go into surgery.

So what happens here is that you call me for appointment for your before and after surgery, which should be made a day or 2 before your surgery. I will speak with you about your upcoming surgery, talk about your fears and anxiety. i will then spiritually take away the bad negative vibes from your cells and with prayer replace them with the energy of God.

After this first session, you should feel more at peace with your emotions and everything else.

You then have the surgery, and you come home from the hospital or clinic.

It's very important you connect with me again because that is part of your package deal (only $50.00 for 2 sessions).

The same thing happens again. I will remove all of the negative vibes and replace them with God's Grace. You will feel I'm sure, so much better now and your healing will take place very quickly and you will be feeling much more energized and ready to live your life again.

A new you now transformed like the magnificent blue butterfly of transformation into a new positive you!

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