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Tanya Hastings Welcomes You To Flower Of Life Surgery Healing,

Alternative Medicine Energy Healing 

Tanya is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui System of Reiki. She is also a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner and a certified Pranic Healing® Practitioner including an alternate medicine healer, and she has been practicing and perfecting her healing capabilities for more than 15 years. 

She was born in New Zealand and immigrated with her family to the US when she was 12.

This healing profession is something that she feels very strongly and firmly believing each one of us is responsible to use every and all talents within us.  

It never ceases to amaze Tanya the power of the Universe/God within our lives.

She is the conduit between our Universe/God who is helping people heal.

God does all of the healing, she is the conduit.

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Client Testimonials

With an abundance of gratitude, I recommend Tanya's energy healing.  I had a hip replacement in June, 2023.  Tanya treated me before surgery as well as when I came home. When I came out of anesthesia and was in the recovery room, the nurse was amazed of my alertness and energy and how quickly I was up and walking just coming out of surgery.  While at home Tanya intuitively knew an infection was setting in.  She helped to remove the infection and inflammation with her healing.  Tanay prepared me again with clearing before and post surgery.  I feel my speedy recovery is due to Tanya's healing.


I can see much better now, even without my glasses.  I feel like i was always looking through saran wrap and even colors are more vibrant after my session.

Christine,  RI

 I feel I have gone on a journey of my own life remembering key aspects of my life and came out of this personal journey totally relaxed, feeling lighter and more positive. It felt like a whole dark cloud has been lifted and I can see so much more clearly now, emotionally and physically.  I am totally amazed by this new experience.


Beth, RI

Tanya has shared her gift of healing on me.  I have had migraines for years until Tanya healed me through her Reiki healing  and after two sessions my migraines have diminished !  I am so thankful for Tanya and her gift of healing.

Elizabeth, RI

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