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Everyone holds the key to their own healing,  but when life suddenly throws you a curve ball, I am here to help.  This is where my services come in, as an experienced in the alternative medicine, as an alternative medicine healer, I am also a reiki master, and I will work with you remotely before and after your surgery to recover more quickly  and for you to continue with your life.  Surgery healing can do this for you. Through reiki healing and other alternative healing methods you will be amazed as to how much better you feel.


 Medicine Energy Surgery Healing

Before and After Surgery


Fee: $60 for one healing session

$90 for two healing sessions


Contact email:


The Flower of Life  and what it represents

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The Flower of Life is the sacred geometry of all life itself in the Universe,  and the  cornerstone of our existence on our planet not only on a cellular level but also on a spiritual level. This geometric cell is found in everything in the universe.

The Flower of Life is what I base all of my healings on. It is  the cornerstone, the foundation along with the guidance from the Divine and is the reason  all of these remarkable healings take place.

This geometric symbol is  the molecular structure of any living thing that exists in the Universe.


It symbolizes:

Aligning you to a higher vibration bringing about much more positive outcomes in your life.

Connection to the Universe on a soul level bringing about more peace within yourself.

The underlying structure of all life form in being the Sunflower, a perfect example of this geometric phenomenon.


It has been proven among the professional healing community that it is very beneficial for the patient who is about to have the surgery have a spiritual cleansing before and after the surgery,  

Why?  Because the energy cleansing removes the  blockages that prevent the actual  healing to be successful and the healing should happen much quicker as it can do what it's supposed to do without any of these blockages.

Energy healing using the spiritual light of God, helps overcome the negative energies (blockages) and raises the vibration of the patient and resulting a cleansing ready for healing.and, even after the surgery. After the second session, a feeling of peacefulness and the patient will be experiencing a lightness, a feeling of positiveness, knowing that their body is healing.iteself in wonders it may perform.

Two healings are recommended in order for the healing to be a total success. If, however, it is a routine type of surgery, one session is fine, and recommended to be an after surgery session.

  •  First, the long-distance healing before the surgery removes all  the negative blockages that may hinder the healing process of the surgery.
  • The second healing will occur also long distance when the patient is finally home from the hospital, and  this will speed up their healing process.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the outcome will be totally successful in that being if the patient unfortunately does pass away, it is their time to cross over, and sadly nothing can prevent that from occurring.  Even if this unfortunate crossing does occur, the spiritual cleansing can help the deceased to cross over more peacefully with no fear and the anxiety of death. 


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